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France, 1889. I looked down at the humming machinery below my
feet and marveled at the speed and complexity of all the gears
throbbing and humming along as they seamlessly mesh to create the
product. Part of me was impressed at the ingenuity of mankind to come
up with such equipment, equipment that could do the work of 20 men.
And there-in lay the problem.
I was just told by my boss that I was to be let go this afternoon and
that I should pick up my paycheck. My wife and kids await me at home.
I am angry and do not want this to happen to me or my friends, who
have all worked so hard and so long to make someone else rich.
What could I do about it? I looked down at me feet and my wooden
clogs and I knew.

Sabotage! The French word for “shoe”or “clogs” is sabot. They were
thrown into the machinery to gum up the works.
This word and hundreds of other words, idioms and expressions are
presented in a similar style by popular Art Historian and lecturer Martin
Bradfield in a unique new series called, The Stories behind the Words.
Rather than a formal lecture, this series is presented as casual,
conversational, storytelling, sitting around the table, involving the
audience in guessing the words and discussing the fascination of
language. It has a “game show” atmosphere and excitement and is
guaranteed to inspire, educate, and entertain the audience.

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