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This is what Singers For Senior is all about.

Had the most wonderful gig today! I wish I could post a pic of the beautiful people I sang for today, but they are members of a senior community. My heart felt light as I saw this memory care group come to life as I launched into my favorite standards.

They sang along, mouthed the words, danced in their chairs, and they smiled big. THAT is what music does!!! I was having so much fun (and so were they) that I kept singing even though my time was up. I usually do this, but even more so with this group.

 stayed to talk to them afterwards and had a wonderful chat with one gentlemen who is 99 years young! He told me he how much he enjoyed my show and how much the music meant to him. I listened as he shared great stories about Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey, and Glenn Miller – having had met and seen them all perform. He was all smiles as he recounted his old army days. I’ll tell you, I have performed far and wide in my career.

I’ve been fortunate to have played incredible clubs, fancy hotels, and some pretty swank private affairs. I’ve sung to tiny groups and to very large crowds. I love and appreciate them all so much and don’t intend on ever stopping! But I don’t think I’ll ever do anything more important than sing to these seniors.

To give memory care patients a bright light and bring back their memories through music (If only for a moment or hour in time) is truly a reward for my heart. I hope I’ll always be able to do this special work.

– Maci Miller

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