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MoBetter Entertainment presents……….


MoBetter Entertainment is sending its Rhythm Ambassador, Martin Bradfield, to your facility, with a sack of percussion instruments and a simple request…….He is looking for people with a pulse!

Not just an inward pulse, but also a desire to share it with others in this interesting and therapeutic drum circle.  By this time the benefits of Drum Circles should be well known. They  are tangible and important.

Basically, Martin- supplies a pile of percussion instruments. You-take your pick, listen to the group, and then add your voice. The result can be rhythmic alchemy, anarchy and amor. (Martin suggests that you access his facebook page for “Crotchet-Quaver and the Rests” and you will see the troupe in action as well as lots of examples of the values of Rhythmic Improvisation)

All in all, it’s a bit like the fable of the “Stone Soup”, where a stranger comes into town announcing that he will make soup from just water and a stone. The curious on- lookers are fascinated. The stranger, stirring the soup and tasting it says, “Not bad, but it could use some potatoes,” and someone offers potatoes. “Wow, even better, but I think some carrots and maybe a beef stock bone would really perfect it”, etc. etc. etc. The end result is a tasty stew that everyone has contributed to!

Along with, “tasty licks” and “improvisation”, Martin will talk about and demonstrate some of the most famous rhythms of all time that are innate to us as Human Beings!  Learn more about Martin here.

                         Let’s find OUR pulse together!

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